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What's Happening in the Stars this month? September 2020 Astrological Overview!

Venus’ Astrology Corner

SEPTEMBER 2ND FULL MOON @ 10 PISCES - September guarantees a roller coaster full of emotional ups and downs while pushing your mercurial trouble shooting abilities into full blast. Every full moon is an opposition of energy between the Sun and The Moon. It shows where you need balance in your life. The Moon is brightest in the sky and shows you something you were not aware of until now. A Pisces full moon occurs in Pisces @ 10 degrees on September 2nd at 1:21 am EST. Pisces, is the sign of healing, releasing, compassion, the natural intuitive and the other realms. This full moon is great for any type of healing through creative self-expression, music, art or meditation. There may be lots of ideas about how you need to take care of your own mental and psychological needs and not get caught up in the droning day to day chatter, story-telling and negative vibrations. This will have you becoming acutely aware of who and what lifts up your spirit and who brings it down. You may begin to receive intuitive messages from your higher self or guides from the other side. The Sun @ 10 Virgo opposing the moon will make you acutely aware of the need to balance your daily life with people, work, your physical and emotional health. You may even need to focus on a beloved animal who needs some extra care at this time. Virgo is the sign that knows “the devil is in the detail”. Always with a laser focus on what needs fixing, organizing or planning. Virgo harvest things to remove the dross so you can separate what is needed vs what is not. Perhaps stepping away from social media, television news and hearsay from others is just the mental vacation you need. Releasing some of the tension and stress may prove challenging though because on September 1st, our sweet, adorable Venus @ 25 Cancer will be standing across the sky in opposition with stern taskmaster Saturn @ 25 degrees strong in Capricorn. Unfortunately, Venus the planet of love and beauty is having a bit of a tussle in the first couple of days with the disciplinarian, Saturn, then on September 3rd runs into a square with the fiery, Mars @ 27 Aries who happens to be particular strong being that he is in the sign that he rules. Lovely Venus is definitely no match for a toughy like Saturn and hot-tempered Mars but luckily these are fast moving transits. The first few days could bring you a level of discomfort and delay in something that is important and desirable to you in partnership or finances. Venus squaring off with Mars though may make you act impulsive to get what you want, even though Saturn the authority is telling you to wait, it’s not the right time, there is more work to be done. This energy asks that you calm your desires and think before you act or do something rash you may regret later!

In the beginning of the month, Sun and Mercury are in earthy Virgo making a harmonious aspect to the trio of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, the conference of planets in grounded Capricorn. At the same time, the Sun @ 10 Virgo is moving into a trine with Uranus @ 10 Taurus. This represents a Grand Earth Trine and a time of grounding and stability, finding real solutions to long term problems. A great reality check for you to fix anything that feels broken. You may get a jolt or sudden break through of information and insights regarding finances, health or work. There may be a huge “Ah ha”, moment where you get an idea for something you are working that makes it become more solid. What is being shown to you that you didn’t see before? Because this is an earth trine this represents material things such as finance, day to day routine, physical body. This could bring in something unusual but makes you surprisingly happy.

SEPTEMBER 5TH MERCURY MOVES INTO LIBRA the planet of verbal communication and mental thought meets diplomacy and politeness in Libra. Mercury is a game player this month due to his fast movement. Mercury in Libra brings fairness and tact to the forefront of relationships. This is a good time to use words for healthy communication and negotiations. You would be smart to take advantage of the first half of September for any type of important communication whether it be signing contracts, writing important emails or having an intimate discussion because beginning September 17, talkative Mercury will begin to make difficult squares to large Jupiter, making us feel like we possible overshoot with ideas, say too much or our words get taken out of context in a large way. Three days later Mercury squares off with power player Pluto where we have to handle more than we bargained and we understand words have power that can sting! Then Mercury takes on Saturn where we get a tough reality check and possible stall tactics to something we are negotiating for. The second half of September we need to think, talk and tread lightly!

SEPTEMBER 9TH MARS TURNS RETROGRADE IN ARIES Mars expresses our drive, will, and force, how we take action in our lives. It can be angry, aggressive, defensive and hot tempered! Mars is fiery impatient and doesn’t like backwards motion but when a planet turns retrograde it begins to slow down and come to a full stop before traveling backward. September 9, Mars @ 27 Aries stations and begins going retrograde where he will stay until November 13. Mars the fiery God of War will be in the sign of Aries where he is quite strong. Mars in Aries wants to be the king of his castle, the leader of the pack. Mars is action and personal will and Aries is the individual. Mars has already been in the first of three squares with Saturn beginning August 24 and all of September Mars will only be 2 degrees away from Saturn. He will return to a second square in a boxing match with Saturn again, September 29. As Mars is forced by Saturn to slow down and restrain, something gets bottled up and Mars get angrier, louder and meaner. This inward energy often gets so pressurized something eventually has to release the valve to let all the “hot air” out. This month and next would be a great time to be aware of your conscious thoughts and actions and any underlying anger whether it is directed at world or money affairs, family, it’s best to find channels to turn it into a productive change. Physical exercise, yoga, long walks, meditation or creative writing would make a great energy release. Avoid people and places that are known triggers for you, the internet, angry road ragers, certain people at work or even at the grocery store! Now is NOT the time to challenge anyone because we are all feeling this pent-up aggressive energy. You may even find you get triggered at the smallest mishap. Resist the urge to react.

SEPTEMBER 12TH JUPITER TURNS DIRECT @ 17 CAPRICORN This is a transit that will feel buoyant and optimistic, as we feel hope is beginning to return a bit. Jupiter direct can be a boost to your career, public standing or if you have felt stuck in any area of your life where you have been trying to get a project off the ground you may see movement at this time. Solutions to problems may begin to flow in and things that have been stalled out since May when Jupiter turned retrograde will begin to start to move forward again.

SEPTEMBER 17 New Moon @ 25 Virgo 7:00 am EST. This is a powerful new moon due to its positive trine to Saturn @ 25 Capricorn where we can have confidence about building new structures in our life. Maintain your discernment in a positive way to work through the fake from the real, the helpful from the non-helpful, the love from the hate and you can really begin to build a solid bridge and foundation forward. A new moon ritual would be incredibly powerful now. This is a wonderful time for goal setting, and new health regimes to get your health back where most of us have been housebound and doing too much eating and sleeping! But please be careful with Mars retrograde and use caution to start slow and easy as many of us have been sitting around and it may take us a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things. No need for ankle sprains and pulled muscles. Something Mars square Saturn can bring!

SEPTEMBER 22ND AUTUMN EQUINOX @ 0 LIBRA It’s the new season of Fall in the northern hemisphere. This brings drive to balance all the unbalanced energy swirling around all of our partnerships. Libra is a cardinal sign so it’s a perfect time to initiate a move forward in new relationships of diplomacy. This is celebration and harvest of our manifestation with others in partnership. Time to meditate and take inventory of that which does not support us and release it. Great time for a bonfire ceremony to let go of that which is worn out and be thankful for a time of a new harvest.

SEPTEMBER 27 MERCURY MOVES INTO SCORPIO We may find our conscious thoughts get more intense and pointed. Scorpio is a truth seeker where he searches to uncover lies, hidden truths and deceit. He will be here through the month of October where he will go retrograde straight through election day! Let’s all say a collective “OH JOY”!

SEPTEMBER 29 SATURN TURNS DIRECT @ 27 CAPRICORN Finally Saturn is on its way out of Capricorn, where in December it will meet Jupiter in Aquarius. This will bring changes and big shift with structures and system with authority. This eventually will be a sigh of relief for all us but first we must get through this day, the second of three, Mars squaring a very strong Saturn because he is stationed and standing still in the sky before he turns direct the next day. The two days surrounding this aspect are ones to walk gently, think before you speak and keep an open mind.

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