Within your physical and spiritual world, it's important to protect yourself from negative energy or others and from your own internal negativity. As optimistic as you aim to be, we all have stresses from life. These stones & crystals can help protect you from letting negative thoughts get the best of you, or letting others energies to have a lasting impact. Black stones like Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline are extremely powerful in helping you fight off those energies. Aqua Obsidian is fantastic for protection as well, helping you to openly communicate and express bottled up thoughts or emotions. Amethyst is an all time favorite for purifying the body and fighting addictions. 

Carry one of these tumbled stones with you to protect yourself on the go, honing in on their energy and less on attracting other's negative energies or giving into your own anxieties. Keep a raw crystal cluster in your room to protect your space and connect you to the earth. Each point radiates energy, making clusters especially create to have in your environment. Spheres are another great asset to have in your home. They help fill your space with energy, radiating a protective vibration in all directions. 


Use the Amethyst Mala Beads as a meditation tool, reciting your affirmation as you go around each bead. For example, say, "I protect myself from negativity & openly communicate with my emotions." Wear a Black Obsidian bracelet and constantly have that protection right against your skin, bonding the stones energy to yours. The options are endless!