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  • Many stones have an abundance of healing properties, but we hand selected these stones as the best of our selection for manifesting love & optimism. Of course, Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of LOVE. It helps channel love in every level of your life: yourself, others, & spiritually. Amazonite is wonderful for bringing harmony into your life, and opening up communication. Unakite helps develop patience, helping to becoming more serene and optimistic. Rhodonite is great for honing in on generosity & compassion, to add another level of understanding to your life & yourself. "
    Tumbled stones are fantastic for carrying with you on the go. They have vibrant colors and a smooth surface, making them ideal for holding in your hand to help calm stress or anxiety. You can put them in your pocket to keep their energy close to yours when you're on the move. These stones will help you get the extra boost of love and optimism you've been looking for on a daily basis. They are great to meditate with, placing them on your heart chakra to reinforce their positive energy. Raw crystals & clusters are another great choice to add to your collection. Clusters bring lots of light and energy into your space due to their abundance of crystal points. Raw crystals can help you connect to the earth due to their natural form. Choose one of our raw crystals or clusters to bring light & positivity into your space, and add a loving quality to your environment. Mala Beads are a lovely accessory to add to your meditation practice. They are made of 108 beads plus one 'Guru Bead." As you meditate, go around each bead and state your affirmation. An example would be, "I am worthy of love & love myself." By using these rose quartz mala beads, it will help you manifest a loving spirit and more. ​ All stones & crystals have extensive healing properties, and are amazing for a variety of things, but these are some of our favorites for love & optimism!
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