Love & Optimism

Personal stickers

  • Invitations or envelope seals
  • Design your own stickers for your kids scrapbooks/artwork
  • Name labels (for lunchboxes, toys, stationery/equipment, books, etc
  • Bumper stickers
  • Fridge magnets (another great idea for wedding or celebration invitations)
  • Decorative enhancements
**Minimum 100

Commercial/industrial/service labels

  • Asset labels
  • Test & tag sequential labels – make sure your clients call YOU back when their next service is due by including logo and phone number on the service tag.
  • Barcoding (e.g. for medical files)
  • Client files (sequential/unique and branded options)
  • Car service record labels
  • Product labels
  • Packaging labels

Quality guaranteed

All our signs and graphics are created using top quality, adhesive vinyl film and materials. They are especially designed for long-term displays with the highest degree of brilliance and durability, even in outdoor applications (life expectancy approx 5-7 years under normal conditions). Laminated for extra protection.

Easy to apply, no residue

All our stickers are so easy to apply and if they are applied to the correct surfaces (as per instructions provided) they are easily removed leaving no sticky residue. Most unprinted, plain colours are bubble-free making them even easier to apply without unsightly bubbles underneath.

Kiss-cut supplied

All our stickers come attached to backing paper which protects the adhesive until you are ready to apply the sticker. We prefer to ‘kiss-cut’ all our stickers which means there is a light cut line around the sticker shape only and the backing paper will remain intact, usually in a box shape. When peeling the two layers apart, there will be vinyl remaining on the backing paper in the shape of the sticker that was removed. This type of cut helps to protect the delicate edges of the sticker before it is applied.