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Pendulums are ancient dowsing or divination tools. They help us to bring information that your subconscious is already aware of into conscious awareness. A pendulum is simply a chain or string with a weighted object suspended from it, often a crystal. Pendulums are used to help you gain insight on specific questions that you may have and are very simple to use. As with any divination tool, pendulums should only be used to ask questions for yourself and for the highest good. Always use them with respect and wisdom and with highest intention!

How do I know which one to purchase?

The first thing that you want to do is know if it is YOUR pendulum. Like crystals, pendulums will seek you out. You first want to make sure it is clear, and then get it acquainted to your energy. We recommend to first ask the pendulum if it is meant for YOU. If it gives you a YES, keep in mind that some pendulums want to work for YOU only, and others want to help you work with other people! Feel free to ask it YES or NO questions regarding this.

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