Emotional Healing

Most all stones have emotional healing properties, all vibrating on certain energy levels and connecting to your own energy. If you landed on this page, you may have some anxiety, past traumas, or emotional issues you are aiming to work through. Don't we all? Meditation and energy healing with stones & crystals are a fantastic practice to bring into your life to help release emotions. Rhodochrosite is excellent for recovering memories, overcoming hurtful ones, and remembering to love yourself. Cherry Quartz is wonderful for those of who deal with anxiety, and taking action into our own hands. Tiger Eye helps give us strength, balancing or emotions and thinking about things rationally. Botswana Agate helps to explore your emotions, understand them, and release them. Buy one or buy different ones together to have the ultimate healing packet on your side. 

Buy a tumbled stone to carry with you, helping you in anxious times. Meditate with them on different chakras, channeling the stones energy to release emotions from different energy centers of your body. Wear a bracelet to enhance the strength within you all the time. There is no right or wrong way to use the stones. They are an additional tool to help fight the anxieties and stresses of from the world and within ourselves.