Aprox 5lbs. You will receive this specific piece.Here is a really nice chunk of Blue Calcite, weighing about 5lbs. 🌀 Calcite almost looks like candy! It has such a unique texture to it. Blue calcite is especially good for the throat and third eye chakras. It is said to be a very soothing stone for your emotional body and a very creative stone for your spiritual body. It can help enhance psychic abilities and assist with astral travel! It can help you to access your creative unconscious and self-expression. This is a crystal that can help especially energetically sensitive people to relax and be protected from the emotions they pick up from other people, almost like a soothing cocoon. It also helps stimulate your imagination and opens you up to unconscious realms! It’s a great stone to keep near you to enhance the vividness of your dreams and being able to recall them. Because it connects to our throat chakra, it helps you express the insights you receive clearly whether in words, music or arts. 

Blue Calcite Raw XL