Passion & Creativity 

Sometimes we all need to that extra spark to ignite our passion back into things, whether it be for a creative endeavor, your career, or your sexuality. We have a creative and passionate being inside of all of us, and these stones & crystals will give you that push to let it out. Red Goldstone is excellent for giving you that extra jolt of confidence. Wear this to a job interview, and take charge of the life you want. Red Jasper will help you take action, while maintaining your stability. Zebra stone can help you hone in on you creativity. Keep this close by if you are engaging in a new creative project. Carnelian is a go to for enhancing your sexuality, and giving you the confidence to explore that. Pyrite, also known as "Fool's Gold," is also great for overcoming your anxieties, giving you the courage to explore your creative side, helping to attract wealth. 

Carry a tumbled stone with you, or wear them as a bracelet to have that extra flare of confidence and creativity with you at all times. Meditate with a carnelian heart or egg on your sacral chakra, connecting femininity, sexuality, and confidence. Use a sphere to radiate willpower in all directions of your environment, giving you the extra boost to take action and go after your goals. The possibilities are endless, and these stones will give you that extra edge you've been looking for.