Intuition & communication

All of us have an intuitive side within us, some are just more tuned into it than others. One of the first things we tell people when looking for a crystal is to go with whichever ones speak to them. Generally, you know what you need without even realizing why, we as humans just have a hard time trusting it. Whether you consider yourself intuitive or not, these stones can help you enhance and focus your intuition. If you want to work on communication in your life, and feel like your throat chakra may be a bit blocked, these are some great stones for you as well. 

White Howlite is a great stone for honing in on your higher-consciousness, and giving you wisdom about different situations in your life. Lapis Lazuli helps you focus on the vision within yourself, and have honest & open communication within yourself and with others. This is a great stone to meditate with on your throat chakra, or put our gorgeous lapis lazuli sphere in your home to help keep communication flowing within your household. Sodalite is another great stone for enhancing communication, as well as giving access to your subconscious. This stone can help you have trust within yourself. Aquamarine is very beneficial for inspiring trust and letting go of those things that make you doubt yourself. This stone helps to quiet the mind, give courage, and will help you trust those gut feelings you get, but maybe aren't sure why.

If you were drawn to this page, trust it, there is a reason. Don't think too hard about what crystal or stone you should choose. They will choose you.