Cleansing & amplifying

Cleansing and amplifying are important when working with stones & crystals! It allows them to have a fresh slate, and then hone in on your specific intentions to give direction and get the best possible outcomes. These stones & crystals are the best for cleansing yourself, other stones, and amplifying intentions.

Clear Crystal Quartz is considered a Master Healer, and is an essential part of a stone & crystal collection.. Not only can it help cleanse yourself and your environment, but is a great clearing tool to use with your other stones. It has no limit, and can be programmed with any category of intention to help to achieve what you want. This is a must have. Carry your tumbled stone with you, or use a cluster of clear quartz in your environment. The more points it has the more energy it will radiate, and the clearer the crystal the better. Use a sphere to radiate energy equally in all directions or a single terminated point to focus your energy on one thing. Selenite is another crowd favorite, and for good reason. Selenite cleanses negativity, and is another one of few stones that can be used to re-energize other stones. Regular charging helps crystals work at their optimum levels. Copper is a major energy conductor, and is known for it's metaphysical and medicinal healing properties throughout history. It helps to enhance the flow of energy. amplify thoughts, and connect us to higher dimensions. It helps to keep healing pathways open and transfer the energy to yourself and others. 

These stones & crystals are a great addition to your life, helping to cleanse energies and amplify your intentions.