Points, Pyramids, Wands

Crystal points are excellent ways to boost light and positivity within you and your space, due to their natural light emitting properties. Crystals are fantastic for cleansing a room of negativity and bringing optimism and warmth to the space. Since they are a point, they are great for focusing energy on certain things, whereas a sphere would radiate energy in all directions. For example, have you ever wanted to send energy directly to someone or something else? A crystal point is the perfect way to do this. You can visualize your intention and project the point at a photo of someone or at a physical object or person. This will radiate your intention directly to that area. You can also choose between a 1 Point, 2 Point or Rounded Edge wand depending on if you want to put energy into something, draw energy out, or have energy radiating in both directions. A point is good for putting energy into something.A rounded end is best for drawing energy out. A double terminated- or 2-point, can emit energy in both directions. Crystal points are the best for setting focused intentions. You can set your intention into the crystal and use it to manifest into the world by focusing it on yourself or environment. Basically, points are amazing! They are great for energy healers or a beginner trying to use some natural crystal healing for themselves and their environment.