Spiritual Abilities 

Many of us have a spiritual side to us, and if you're shopping at Ground Gaia, you're probably one of them. We all have love & light within us, and many people connect to a higher level of spirituality, consciousness, or a higher dimension. Maybe you connect more to nature, or relate to goddess, enjoy exploring with magic, or perhaps you are drawn to the fairy world. Either way, we welcome all here at Ground Gaia. Whether you are new to spiritual concepts, or are honed into things such as psychic abilities or other dimensions, there is something for here.

You don't have to be  Reiki Master or Tarot Reader to explore your spiritual side. You can buy a tumbled stone and keep it with you to enhance that side of yourself. Snowflake Obsidian is great for spiritual communication and helps gain insight on what those things mean. Nuumite is fantastic for inner magic, and discovering new sides of yourself. If you believe in past lives, Petrified Wood helps to recall those past lives and grow from those experiences. Blue Aventurine can assist you in channeling psychic connections. Serpentine is great for experiencing a Kundalini Awakening and undergoing a transformation. Blue Kyanite is another great stone for channeling psychic abilities, past-life recall, and exploring your empathetic side. 

Use a Tumbled Stone to meditate and hold the stone to your third eye or crown chakra. Put a raw piece of kyanite in your space to channel your spirituality into your environment. Want to explore more about these topics and learn from others? Check out are Services & Workshops to book a tarot reading, angel reading, palm reading, oracle card reading, reiki session, a variety of workshops & much more!