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Reiki Sessions . Chakra Balancing . Multi-Dimensional Readings . 

Oracle Card Readings . Angel Readings

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Services with Janel Biang:

***Until future notice, Janel will not be taking in person appointments and will only be doing remote healing sessions. This is through the phone so leave your number! ...
Reiki Session w/Janel Biang
This is a Multi-Dimensional Tarot Reading. I connect to your High-Self and our Divine Source, giving guidance as to what is needed for self empowerment and self mastery w...
Tarot Reading 30min
30 min
***Until further notice, Janel will not be taking in-person sessions but will be available for remote healing sessions. This will be over the phone, so when you sign-up l...
Balancing the 12 Chakras

Janel Biang 

"In the mid 2000s my spiritual remembrance began, by way of extreme experiences I began stepping outside the limits of the logical mind and embracing the multi-dimensional reality we live in.


Through self-mastery and empowerment from within, this journey has lead me down an ascension path of open hearted soul embodiment and gnosis."

Ingenting å booke for øyeblikket
Ingenting å booke for øyeblikket

Rev. Mary Perry is a healer and teacher of light & transformation and through her business, Wings Unfurled brings this enchantment and wonder to you so you can move to your sacred self, embracing the world of angels and guidance from spirit. 

Her belief in magic and her connection to a world filled with angelic guidance, Divine Oneness and high vibrational support enables her to bring to you messages and healing filled with love from the angels and your guides. 

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Readings with Mary Perry

Available by Phone, Mon. Wed. & Fri. 3 - 7p

Tarot Readings with Soraya 

Available Saturdays

Ingenting å booke for øyeblikket
Ingenting å booke for øyeblikket
Ingenting å booke for øyeblikket

Soraya the Great is a certified advanced Usui Reiki practitioner! 

A professional Tarot and Oracle reader!

A founding member of your favorite band, Rosy Copacetic!

A painter, a poet, a people-person; she's here to make the world a cooler, more radical place!  

You are in charge of your own destiny; Soraya and the Tarot are simply here to offer different perspectives and guide you along your merry way!