These stones are absolutely amazing! What's really cool about them is that they are unpolished and have a matte, raw texture to them.


Ruby Zoisite is good for increasing your inner and outter development, awakening your truest self, joyfully engaging with life and increasing your life force. It connects to your root, heart & third eye chakras! It can facilitate a dramatic opening of your heart. The Green Zoisite emanates growth and strengthens the connection between the brain and the heart. Ruby is a stone of courage, passion, and life. It can stimulate the root chakra and make you feel rejuvanated. This is a really fortunate natural combination. When Ruby and Zoisite are combined, the root, heart, and third eye are stongly stimulated and harmonized. 


You may or may not receive one of the exact pieces in the photos. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Ruby Zoisite Unpolished Stone