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Communicate with your Angels

The word Angel literally means a spiritual messenger from God. Angels are beings who are at the service of the Holy Spirit and are guides for the greater good for our journey along our life path. We all know life has up and downs. Good times and bad, Angels bring messages of hope and joy. Angels are here to lead the way to all the infinite ways our spirit can manifest what we need while on earth. They let us know we haven’t been forgotten, and extend a hand to us whether we need a lift or not. They want to guide you on the correct path. Through their intentions they reacquaint us with everything wonderful about living so that we can be reminded of what our life purpose is. Our Angels are ready and waiting to help and to communicate. Generally, we each have at least two Angels that consist of a Guardian Angel who has been present since our birth and will remain with us until our death and the other often can be a relative that has transitioned and is there to guide us. Our angels give comfort, guidance, and protection as we journey through the stages of our lives. They will inspire and assist us in remembering our life’s purpose and in discovering our gifts and talents in how to serve the world.

Communicating with your Angels is easier than you might think. All it takes is to be conscious of the messages that come through signs and signals in your every day life, don't question your mind when you receive answers you ask for and stay open-minded to all possibilities of communication. Often we try and apply our 3D consciousness to the spiritual realm when they are trying to talk to us. If you are waiting for a phone call or an email from your Guardian Angel you will miss the message for sure!

1. Ask questions to your Angels and then look for the answers. Be sure you are calm with your emotions and thoughts when forming your questions. If you are anxious or worried it is often difficult to feel or hear the messages coming through. You can ask your angels for signs, and signals to answers you are looking for. Perhaps you want to know their name or if they were ever a human in this realm. We can have different Angels come close to us depending on what life path we are currently on. Maybe it's starting a family, a new career or a house move. Ask your angels for guidance on your next steps and then be come observant in your environment to look for the answers. Is there a certain type of bird or animal that appears, or perhaps it's a license plate in traffic that has a specific phrase in it. Often times humans unknowingly act as agents for our Angels to deliver messages to us. Repeating numbers can appear in various places or you may see coins lying around as the spirits on the other side work well with metals to transmit messages. Feathers are another great way Angels like for you to know they are walking with you. Of course, if you are thinking a specific thought and perhaps your phone rings or you hear another type of sound it very well may be them confirming your thought!

2. Journal with your Angels

Write down your thoughts and experiences throughout the day. All the things you wish and hope for. Any problems you may be having and how you would like help. Journaling all the experiences you have had with them and the messages you have received that have been instrumental in showing you the right path lets them know you are paying attention, recognizing their help and makes them feel happy for you. Often journaling can bring clarity through the fog and help you see exactly what you need to do. When you clear your mind, you can become more effective at asking exactly for what you need. Many times we forget all the hardship and how we are so loved and guided from the other side but when we write down our adventures we can go back and see how our paths were illuminated. All we need to do is ask!

3. Meditate with you Angels

Quieting your mind to hear messages can be a very effective way at receiving the help you need. Sit in a quiet, uncluttered space focusing on your breath only. Do not focus on connecting with your Angels at first. Just stay in a open and clear place in your mind while you focus on your breath. If your mind wanders to events outside of this quiet place, it's ok. Just gently release the thought and come back to a place of quiet and surrender. Once you feel at ease with your space begin to gently ask your Angels to show you anything about your situation or concern that you need to know or would be helpful. Stay in this meditative space as long as it feels right. Afterward you may want to keep a journal close by to write down any instructions or messages you have received. Meditation and quieting the mind will get easier the more you practice and hearing your Angels will become quiet normal for you.

4. Listen to your thoughts

Many times our thoughts are really messages from the others in the spiritual realm. Listening to the little voice in our head is quite important when it comes to hearing what they want us to know. The voice in your head or rather your intuition can actually be messages, warnings, and guidance from spirit. Many times Angels are hard at work keeping you protected from spiritual as well as physical harm. Please speak to your Guardian Angel frequently so you can really get to know them and how they work. It will become easier and easier to communicate once you begin the process. Do not ever fear speaking with your Angels because they are only here to help you through your life's journey and they never judge. Guidance is given but it's up to you to take the advice. Your Angels are always there to help, they are just waiting for you to ask!

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