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What is Ground Gaia?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

What is Ground Gaia you may ask...well...Gaia by definition is the Earth personified as a goddess. She was known to be the daughter of Chaos. She was the mother and wife of Uranus (Heaven) and their offspring included the Titans and the Cyclopes. Another definition of Gaia is "the earth viewed as a vast self-regulating organism." All in all, Gaia represents the Earth.

So what is Ground Gaia you may ask? That doesn't sound like a typical store.'s not!

Ground Gaia is a consciousness studio and new age shop founded by Dr. Venus Seleme and co-founder Bill Schneider in 2018. Dr. Venus Seleme is a renowned holistic health doctor and evolutionary astrology master. Bill Schneider is an amazing business consultant and CEO of Business GPS. When those two forces combined, Ground Gaia was created. When Dr. Seleme formulated the idea of Ground Gaia she had a goal to create a positive vortex of energy for the world to gather in harmony and spiritual growth. Once entering our store, you can feel she has accomplished that goal. Ground Gaia welcomes everyone from all walks of life to explore, learn, and teach, no matter how familiar or foreign they are to the products and ideas.

Ground Gaia has many unique items. We sell tarot cards, crystals, stones, incense, alter pieces, jewelry, sage, and more. Not only are our products beautiful, they all have a rich meaning behind them, which makes them even more captivating. There's not a ton of places you can buy a crystal that was cut out of the side of a mountain in Western America, but here, you can.

Not only are we a shop, we also call ourselves a consciousness studio. Our goal is to be able to provide information to people about these unique topics! That's why we have began doing workshops, and there are more to come. Learn how to read tarot cards, take a class about chakras, or spend a day with us creating your own hand-made thunder drum. Every Thursday we bring in an amazing Tarot Card Reader, and every Friday we have an equally amazing Spiritual Healer, in studio.

So again, we aren't exactly your typical store. The foundation of Ground Gaia was made with love, passion, and enlightenment, and that's what makes us so special.

Come stop by and check out our vortex of positive energy we call...Ground Gaia!

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