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What are Yoni Eggs? This Ones for the Ladies! Embrace Your Feminine Power!

What are Yoni Eggs? Some of you may or may not have heard of these before. Well, since you're here, we'll tell you. Yoni Eggs are handmade pure crystal eggs shaped specifically for the female vaginal area. We know some of you are going WHAT?! I put this where?! And others are like yeah, duh, I use these all the time, no biggie. We tend to get a wide range of reactions when we talk about Yoni Eggs. That's why we wanted to write this blog to explain them a little more and help you get a better understanding of their purpose and use (& It's almost Valentine's Day so it seemed like good timing).

(First I have to say, this is not medical advice. This is not a prescription, diagnosis, etc. of any sort. This is solely to share ideas and research we have found and would like to share with others!)

Now that we have that covered, let's begin...

Yoni Eggs are great for many reasons.

1)These crystal eggs make for great kegel exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor.

2)They can help awaken your libido and sensuality.

3)It can help increase sensitivity and pleasure during intercourse.

4)Some moms have used Yoni Eggs to help after childbirth.

5)Some women have reported it has helped with PMS and cramps.

6)They can help create emotional balance and release trauma stored in the body.

And there are so many more benefits!

Yoni Eggs used properly can really help with emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

Much like how you use crystals and stones for emotional healing, balance, protection, cleansing, etc., you can use your yoni egg. Psychological trauma is not just reflected in our mind, but is also stored in our bodies. Just like anywhere else in the body, the yoni stores trauma too. We don't just mean sexual traumas, but all forms of energetic imprints we've picked up in our lives. Just how you meditate with your crystals or carry them with you for calmness, your yoni egg can do the same thing for you. In fact, it can connect even deeper with you because it is connecting directly with your body tissue. The energy is flowing directly and this can make a huge impact. Just remember to only do what you are comfortable with and be gentle with yourself as these things can take time.

Much like how you use acupuncture or how meridian lines connect to different organs, there are reflexology points inside the vagina that correspond to your internal organs as well. The Yoni Egg can help stimulate these different points within the vagina and this is another way Yoni Eggs can help with your overall wellness. Practicing kegel exercises with the egg can even help support blood flow which has been reported to have numerous benefits such as assisting with relief of PMS cramps or hormonal issues.

Another benefit is that is can help us reclaim our feminine power! Sex and the vagina are words we've been told we shouldn't talk about openly, especially women. Society has made it almost dirty to have honest discussions about these types of things. But it's not! For many life times and in many cultures women have dealt with oppression, and in turn many of us have stored those feelings whether we are fully conscious of it or not. But we feel it's important to have conversations about these things and encourage others to do the same! Your body is beautiful and you deserve to hone in on your feminine power because you deserve it! Yoni Eggs can help ignite creative energies, restore a zest for life and help you come into your own power!

Now you may be saying, okay... maybe I'll give this a go, but how do I use it? Great question!

Inserting and removing the Yoni Egg is pretty simple. Just like inserting a tampon, it should glide in without pain or discomfort. If you have any pain, we recommend holding off on the use of the yoni egg and consulting with your physician first. You can use a vaginal lubricant if needed. It's recommended to insert the yoni egg with the smallest end pointing down. To remove it you can get into a deep squat position and push out with your vaginal muscles. If needed, you can use your fingertips to help scoop it out or do a little jump up and down. They also come with a drill hole you can attach a string to to pull out slowly and easily!

Yoni Egg Care: When you receive your yoni egg, you want to give it a thorough gentle cleaning before use. Put your gemstone in a bowl of warm water, add a couple drops of non-harsh soap and gently agitate for a few seconds. You can also run your gemstone under warm water and gentle rub with a light non-harsh soap for a few seconds. Then you rinse it clean with fresh water and allow it to air dry or wipe dry with a cloth. We recommend cleaning it after every use. Some people will leave it in all day or sleep with it in at night! We recommend using for a maximum of 12 hours or less at a time. For a deeper cleanse, you can use a soft bristly toothbrush. You can use a chenille stem to clean the drill hole during the soap stage. Never boil the yoni egg or use any harsh cleansers or soap. We always recommend using light non-harsh unscented soaps without chemical additives if possible. Our Yoni Eggs come in a padded fabric bag with a box and an instruction manual for safe keeping and all of these directions!

Which yoni egg do I pick?

We have three different sizes of yoni eggs: small, medium and large. Only you can decide which size is right for you, but we do have some recommendations!

Large Yoni Eggs are recommended for anyone who has given birth as a starter. They are the best option for strengthening the pelvic floor because of the size and weight.

Medium Yoni Eggs are recommended if you have never given birth and are great for beginners. They are also recommended for spiritual work, although any can be used for this.

Small Yoni Eggs are recommended for advanced users that want to challenge their yoni egg exercises. It's also possible to wear a small and medium together.

•XS Yoni Egg are only recommended for super advanced users as they are quite tiny and are best for people who have completely mastered kegel exercises.

For crystal options, it's great to pick one that resonates with you most. Here are a few different crystal descriptions!

•Bloodstone: As the stone of Christ Consciousness, Bloodstone promotes intense healing that invokes courage and helps you manifest a flow by accepting a change in energy fields. It assists in reawakening a passion for love, relationships and friendships while promoting harmony, adaptability and strength. It focuses on the root chakra and holds space to build a solid foundation for flourishing relationships.

•Amethyst: Amethyst is filled with a strong, sensually awakening energy. It can help foster spirituality and contentment, royally representing the principles of complete metamorphosis. This yoni egg is associated with the crown chakra where divine essence enters into your being with the energies of serenity and composure. You will feel like a queen!

•Clear Crystal Quartz: Amplify your energy to nourish your mind, body and spirit with clear quartz. This gemstone can be used to activate both your physical and spiritual being, allowing you to transcend to a new level of divine feminine. It's also a great energy cleanser. It helps you solidify the connection between the physical and mental dimensions and will open you up to balance, energy and protection that will free you to fully enjoy life and may increase your sexual appetite.

•Green Aventurine: This one assists in stimulating your heart chakra to infuse love into your energy field and open yourself up to divine connection between yourself and those around you. It helps facilitate shedding blockages and releasing negativity, old disappointments, habits and patterns of behavior around the heart chakra to make room for the new energies that empower you as you blossom.

•Red Jasper: This is a fantastic stone to support your root chakra as it connects you with the stabilizing energies of earth. It is considered to be a supreme nurturer and a great way to draw you back to your own inner being as you care for and strengthen the most sacred part of your body. If you are feeling out of touch with yourself or need to get grounded, this is a great choice for you!

•Black Obsidian: Connect and ground yourself to the heart of mother earth by focusing on the root chakra with black obsidian. It is a strong stone for honing your inner vision so that you can gain clarity and see the next action step along your path. It is excellent at aiding any negative vibrations within and disperses these thoughts. It helps you to get in touch with you intuition, awaken clarity, and open up a direct connection to a sacred space.

•Rose Quartz: This one helps recharge your heart chakra and cultivate the sacred energy of love. It helps to bring harmony and unity to your heart. It can reawaken trust through soothing vibrations to calm and cleanse your auric field and open yourself up to a deeper love connection. You can foster a strong connection between your heart center and your inner sex goddess by releasing wounds, building trust, and activating your spirituality. It inspires you to act from a space of love, compassion and hone your sensuality!

Alright...I bought my yoni egg. What are some way I can practice with it?

Well, there are a few different practices you can try out.

•Kegels: This is the simplest one to do and you can do it anywhere! Everyone has heard of kegel exercises, and it's fair to say they work when done correctly. Doing kegels with a yoni egg is kinda moving up from the 2lb weights to the 10lb ones. It intensifies the workout! First, you want to make sure you are contracting the right muscles. To do so, squeeze your pelvic muscles without flexing your abdomen, thighs or booty. If you are having a hard time trying to find your kegel muscles, try laying on your back. Make sure not to hold your breath, you should be able to breath through the contractions. Once you have identified the pelvic floor muscles, you're read to start kegeling. You can contract and hold for five seconds then relax. Once you able to hold for five seconds you can try 10-15 seconds. You can do this in 5 minute sessions. You can also speed it up by contracting and holding for 1 second and then relaxing.

•Yoni Yoga: This provides a connection to the physical, mental and spiritual body with on emphasis on the pelvic floor. Use your yoni egg during yoga; contract and release your pelvic floor muscles while moving in and out of your yoga poses. During each yoga pose, concentrate on deep controlled breathing while making a conscious connection with your womb space. Yoni Yoga is used to strengthen, heal and promote a healthy womb space for all stages of womanhood.

•Yoni Breathing: Throughout history, the sexual organs of women have been celebrated as the central haven of health, life and youth. Every living being on earth has roots in the womb, making the womb the logical domain for a woman's power source to give give birth to new ideas, goals, and much more! Yoni Breathing is a powerful way to tap into your womb magic. With your yoni egg inside, inhale for a count of 7, visualizing white light entering through your yoni and circulating within your womb. Within this white light moving throughout your womb, visualize something you'd like to manifest. As you exhale, allow this white light to exit your yoni, birthing your manifestation and sending it out with white light into the universe. To close the meditation, say "and so it is."

•Yoni Tucks: This is the practice of performing kegels with a yoni egg while in the yoni tuck position. Tucking during each movement will allow more focus on the pelvic floor and give you a more advanced workout. Tucking refers to dropping your tailbone and rolling your hips inward. A proper tuck is done by standing shoulder width apart, slightly bending your knees, drop your tail bone and tuck your behind in,. Make sure your upper body stays straight. Once you have the tuck position engaged, do tiny pulses engaging your tuck while contracting your kegels. This is an advanced exercise; make sure you have mastered the perfect kegel before trying the Yoni Tuck.

We know this topic can sometimes seem a bit taboo, but it doesn't have to be! Yoni Eggs are an ancient practice that has been helping activate your sacred space and female empowerment for thousands of years. We hope this helped explain Yoni Eggs better! & If you already have some, we hope this helped you feel refreshed with knowledge and showed you some new practices! Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions! AND, let us know, would you like to see us host a Yoni Egg workshop? Feel free to comment blow or message us privately!

You can shop all of our Yoni Eggs currently in stock here ->

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