The Best Crystals for going Back-to-School

Whether you are the kid heading back to school or you're the parent getting them there, everyone can use some good healing energy during these transitional times. When we go back to school shopping, we obviously focus on the practical things like pencils, notebooks, etc. But we can't forget to focus on our wellness for ourselves and our kids during these times that can get a little crazy! Whether your child is going to kindergarten or off to their freshman year of college, there's a few stones & crystals we think are the best to help regarding new beginnings, mental clarity & more.

One of the kits we put together is our Back-To-School Kit, and here's why we chose what we did...

1) Rainbow Moonstone- This is one of the best stones for new beginnings and accepting change. Going back to school after being off all summer is definitely a big change, no matter what age you are! Maybe they are having a little anxiety about going back, or just feel like they aren't ready. I mean really, who does want summer to be over? But, it has to happen, and this stone is a great addition to help ease that anxiety and embrace change.

2)Rose Quartz- This is one of the most popular and common stones you can find in crystal stores, and for good reason. It is the 'Stone of Love' but that doesn't just mean romantic love, it means unconditional love in all forms. Rose Quartz helps bring kindness and encouragement to others and yourself, and sometimes we need that extra boost of self love. School can be hard! If you've been to high school, you probably know what it feels like to be a little self-conscious, and that is totally normal. Rose Quartz can help you find that love within yourself and spread that joy and kindness to other people.

3)Fluorite- Fluorite is one of our favorites! Whether you get a nice green piece of it or a mix from green to blue to purple, it is an amazing stone. Fluorite is one of the best stones for improving concentration. It helps you absorb new topics and stay on track (which is perfect for those big study sessions or daily tasks). Sometimes it is really hard to stay focused and we need that boost of mental clarity, and that's where fluorite comes in. It is also great for helping make decisions, and in school, you will probably have a lot of them! (Outside of school, you'll have a lot of them too). Fluorite is amazing at helping with decisiveness and keeping you calm while dealing with difficult tasks. It's a crowd favorite for a reason!

4)Amethyst- Amethyst is most commonly known for connecting to our Third Eye or Crown Chakras. It can really help you read a situation and trust your gut about it. What some people don't know is that it's actually amazing for providing protection, reducing anxiety, and kicking bad habits! Maybe you are feeling a little anxious about heading back to school. Or maybe you are a little bit confused about yourself right now. That's okay, and totally understandable. Amethyst can really help you stay connected to all of your intuitive abilities and protect you while doing so.

5)Carnelian- Much like how carnelian looks, it is a very firey stone (I don't think firey is a real word but you get the gist). It's a stone of passion! Carnelian is the best for keeping your spirits up and giving you a zest for life! This can be helpful for staying energized during those early mornings. It can give you that extra boost of creativity you need for a project! It is amazing for promoting vitality and drive to get things done and do them well!

6)Black Obsidian- Black Obsidian is an extremely protective stone, helping to ward off bad energies and keep yourself cleansed. You'll find most black stones or candles are great for protection. Going back to school, whether elementary, high school, or college, you are going to be around a lot of people. Sometimes their energies fade off onto you, especially if you are empathetic! It's easy to hold onto other peoples energies and vibrations, maybe without even realizing it. Keep a piece of Black Obsidian with you to always stay protected!

This is the best kit to get for anyone going back to school of any age, and all around a great kit for everyone! We love these stones paired together or by themselves. It's also a plus that if you buy a kit, you get all of these stones, a cute sun and moon bag & a pamphlet with info about each one so you remember what each one means! AND you SAVE 10% rather than buying the stones individually! Woot Woot!

Just to briefly tell you about a few of our other kits, we have the Teenagers Kit & Study Aids Kit! These are all only here for a limited time.

The Teenagers Kit...

Carnelian- for assertion without aggression, providing confidence & self-esteem.

Citrine- Balances hormonal changes, increases self-worth.

Labradorite- For protection against unwanted negative attention and balancing out moods.

Moonstone- Eases transitions to accept change and boosts intuition.

Green Calcite- For opening up the heart to be compassionate, loving, understanding.

Cherry Quartz- For helping rid anxiety and attaining emotional balance.