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Be Kind to Yourself & Others! Crystals for Self-Love & Compassion.

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Today is 11.13.19 & it is World Kindness Day! But of course it is important to be kind everyday, not only to others, but to yourself! Many of us are our own worst critics, and we treat ourselves harshly. Especially in this day and age with social media galore, it is so easy to compare ourselves to others and place judgement on ourselves. 'I'm not where I want to be in life.' 'I haven't accomplished what I want.' Why don't I look like that?' So many of us use negative self-talk and begin to believe all these things that just aren't true. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to practice self-love, and this in turn helps us radiate love to the world, which is so deeply needed!

"The Four Agreements," is a book by by Don Miguel Ruiz, and if you've never read it, you need to! I bring this book up because 'The First Agreement' in the book is 'Be Impeccable With Your Word.' He talks about how we use words to manifest our lives and the relationship with ourselves.

On page 42 he says, "We talk to ourselves constantly, and most of the times we say things like, 'Oh, I look fat, I look ugly. I'm getting old. I'm losing my hair. I'm stupid, I never understand anything. I will never be good enough, and I'm never going to be perfect.' Do you see how we use the word against ourselves? We must begin to understand what the word is and what the word does. If you understand the first agreement, be impeccable with your word, you begin to see all the changes that can happen in your life. Changes first in the way you deal with yourself, and later in the way you deal with other people, especially those who you love the most."

Our point is, it's great to have a day dedicated to kindness, but it should be a daily practice, and it starts with ourselves! So we wanted to share with you a few crystals that help encourage self love, compassion, and harmonious communication.

1) Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of unconditional love and connects to your heart chakra. This kind of love refers to way more than romantic relationships. It's about true, genuine, unconditional love to ourselves and others. Rose Quartz is a gentle stone, helping release stress and encourage emotional healing. It helps with spiritual love, and connecting to your highest, truest self. Rose Quartz is one of the best for releasing past wounds to truly heal, trust and have hope. It helps us harmonize with Mother Earth.

2) Amazonite: Amazonite is a stone of truth, communication and harmony. It connects to your heart and throat chakras! This is another stone that is great for releasing fear and judgment or conflict, helping us to find inner freedom. Many times it is fear that holds us back, or makes us put ourselves down, whether we realize it or not. Releasing fear is a very important part in learning to treat yourself kindly. Spiritually, Amazonite helps us to communicate with higher knowledge as well and speak truthfully. They say it is the Stone of Truth! It is also a magnifier of our intentions, helping to manifest our goals!

3) Chrysocolla: Chrysocolla connects to the Heart, Throat & Root Chakras, and aids in calmness and releasing anxieties. It helps us hone in on our inner wisdom and learning how to express that. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what that wisdom even is, but chrysocolla helps us get there. Chrysocolla helps link our heart to our throat chakra, which is so helpful when we go back to what we first talked about, our word. If we learn our own wisdom and can communicate clearly and truthfully to ourselves, we can then learn to express that to others.

4) Pink Calcite: Pink Calcite is another great stone for the heart chakra. It is fantastic for facilitating the connection between your heart and divine love. It can help stabilize the heart's energy field and become conscious of the energies in your environment. It helps us to be empathic and compassionate towards others and become more understanding of the people around us. It helps us see from someone else's point of view. We don't always have to agree with others, but it is great to learn to approach people with love and openness.

5) Blue Chalcedony: Blue Chalcedony is such a calming stone, helping you to feel balanced and centered. It helps us to communicate clearly and truthfully as well and release our inhibitions. When there is a need for softness, blue chalcedony is there to help. It helps us speak things that come from a different level of consciousness we sometimes aren't even aware of, which is really great for therapy or if you counsel others. It is a stone that is amazing for past-life recall, and understanding and releasing our trauma from this life and others so we can progress and grow.

6) Aragonite Star Clusters: Aragonite helps instill strength and confidence, as well as emotional balance. It even connects to all chakras! It helps to heal past wounds and align yourself with love! It also helps to clear your auric field and become consciously aware of imbalances within our energy fields. These star clusters help us to become a human star emanating love and compassion for others. It is extremely useful for releasing fear and pain, allowing us to put more love into the world.

Self-love is not easy, and it is something most of us have to work at over time so we can love ourselves the way we deserve, but we can get there! Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, but it takes practice, and that's okay. If we've formed a habit of being critical towards ourselves, we have to form a new habit. Write down one thing you are grateful for each day. Write on your mirror something different you love about yourself each day. Take your crystals and meditate them over your heart and throat. Start with these simple daily practices and remember to be true to your word to yourself, because that is the most important person you can be honest with. Once we learn to learn ourselves and release judgement on our own lives, we can truly radiate love throughout the world and share it with others!

Again, we hope you enjoyed this blog and reach out with any questions!

Happy World Kindness Day! Stay Kind.


Ground Gaia

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