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Massive 4th of July Sale!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Hey guys! From June 19th - July 6th we are having a massive 4th of July Sale that you don't want to miss! Keep reading to not only learn which items are on sale, but why we love them and why you will too.

50% Off Stainless Steel Tumblers & Jumbo Mugs!

Shop one of our Stainless Steel Tumblers, great to keep drinks hot or cold all day long, or get a Jumbo Mug! Even when it's hot, that doesn't mean you don't need your coffee, and tons of it.

40% Off Agate Slice Coasters, Agate Platters & Selenite Sticks!

Selenite is an all time favorite for many! It can cleanse & charge other stones, and help you to connect to your spirituality. Selenite is one of our favorites! It's always good to have a stick of selenite nearby.

Our Agate Coasters & Agate Platters are a great addition to any home. They radiate good energy and are awesome for all your summer parties. They are truly unique. Each set varies a little due to each crystal being unique.

30% Off Brass Altar Pieces (Buddhas, Tibetan Bells, Tingshas), Tumbled Stones

& All Mala Beads!

Brass Altar Pieces are sturdy, great quality and can last you forever. They are great for channelling a god or goddesses energy you may be looking for by adding them to your home or creating an altar. Tibetan Bells & Tingshas are another great options for using sound vibrations for cleansing. Using tingsha bells you can walks around a room you'd like to clear and rings the tingsha cymbals slowly and methodically.  The resonating sound and vibrations of the tingshas cleanse negative energies and sends good vibrations into the air and a positive flow. If you have sensitivities to smoke, this is a great alternative to sage.

Mala Beads may look like just a beautiful accessory, but are actually a wonderful addition to your meditation practice and using mantras for setting intentions, and have a long history in spirituality. Use these 108 beads to recite your mantra 108 times, following the beads. These are great for setting intentions, manifestation, and working with mantras.

20% Off Ammonite Amber Necklaces, New Sterling Silver Rings, Meditation Pillows, Amethyst Points, Rose Quartz Points, and Clear Quartz Points!

Crystal Points are great for directing energy on a specific area and can be used to put energy in or take energy away. For example, maybe you want to focus on love of oneself. Choose a Rose Quartz Point and set your intention: "I accept and love myself." Focus this point on your heart chakra, pointing this energy into yourself and manifesting loving vibrations.

Our sterling silver rings are another great option and come in a variety of different gemstones. They a gorgeous addition to your jewelry collection. Moonstone, Tiger's Eye, Turquoise & Amethyst are just a few of the options for these sterling silver rings. Pictured on the left is Moonstone, a crowd favorite. Moonstone is great for self-discovery, enhancing intuition, and channeling your inner goddess. It helps with gaining insight and understanding your dreams, and is tuned in to the Divine Feminine. We LOVE moonstone.

Ammonite is a powerful earth healing fossil. It's spiral shape represents continuous change, and it's known to stimulate life force, or chi within. Amber is a stone of light & optimism, helping to relieve us from depression. It's like a little piece of the sun! Buy it with this smoky quartz pendant and wear amazing energy with you at all times.

We also have large and small meditation cushions available for purchase online to pick-up in store or just come on in and buy one! Pair your new cushion with a set of mala beads and you are good to go.

10% Off All Drums & Rainsticks!

We have a few different style of drums available at Ground Gaia. We have Peruvian Style Synthetic hand drums. We also have hand crafted Elk Skin drums, made by Thomas Long, pictured above. These are hand-stretched, hand-woven, pure elk-skin 'Thunder Drums' made with love and prayer, and deeply connected to the earth.

Rainsticks are another create addition to your collection. When tipped back and forth, it's as if the calming sounds of rain are right next to you.

Along with this, we are also having deals on services!

Janel Biang is offering 10% off her Reiki Sessions, Chakra Balancing Sessions & Multi-Dimensional Readings. She's also offering 30min Multi-Dimensional Readings for $75 for this limited time.

Gwen Heather Stone is offering 10% off her Reiki Sessions & Oracle Card Readings!

Enjoy all these awesome deals online or in-store from June 19th - July 6th!


Ground Gaia

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