We as humans hold onto and pick up so many emotions and energies throughout the day. Make sure to protect yourself, but in addition, to clear yourself, your items, your crystals, your energy field, chakras, and environment!

With clearing energy, always remember that intention is everything. Go with your intuition in terms of how you are clearing and where you are sending that energy. Another thing to keep in mind is when you clear the energy off of your etheric body or item, where is that energy going? One thing you can do is send that energy up to the light to be healed, or down to mother earth to be used as fuel. Intention is everything!

Here are some ways to clear energy:

Sage, Palo Santo, and other holy woods & incense- this is my favorite. It is my favorite because the smoke will tell you when it is done clearing energy. For example, hold the smoking sage stick underneath a crystal. You will see the smoke move about around the crystal in different directions. When it is done clearing, one straight line of smoke will appear. Your crystal is cleared! You can do the same in a room or a house- once you are done saging the room and corners, you can hold the stick in the middle of the room and ask that any remaining unnecessary or negative energy be sent up to be healed. Wait until the smoke creates a single line, and thank it!


Different incense have cleansing properties as well, and are great for meditation.

We have a variety of burners that are fantastic for holding these clearing tools. Of course there are your incense burners, available both for cone & stick incense. Then you have your abalone & lion paw shells. These are fantastic shells for holding your sage as well as carrying with you as you cleanse your home or body.

Essential Oils- Essential oils carry a very high vibrating frequency and are another fantastic way to clear space, yourself or items. If you have an empty spray bottle, fill it most of the way up with water, add some salt, and then some essential oils. Great oils for clearing include Lemon, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Juniper, and Lavender. Great protection oils include Rosemary, Rose, and Pine. These are just some of many oils you can use. Our favorite oils are Young Living! If you are interested in learning more about oils or becoming a member, come to one of our workshops or contact us and we'll get you enrolled!

Other ways include putting your crystals in salt water, using an etheric weaver, or running your crystal or object under running water and visualizing the energy leaving the stone and going down to mother earth. If you have nothing handy, visualize the energy leaving and this too will help manifest the clearing of negative energy.

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