This is a piece of Himalayan Quartz with Chlorite 💚 Himalayan and Chlorite both connect with high vibrations. Himalayan Quartz is said to connect to Shamanic Healers who lived in the Himalayan mountains for centuries. These crystals are teachers and allow you to open your third eye for psychic guidance. It helps you to assist with healing of others. Chlorite is amazing for protection, and the combination of Quartz amplifies the purifying and cleansing properties of this crystal. Chlorite is a great physical healing crystal for detoxifying reasons. It can also help heal your auric body and release blockages, anger and fear. The combination of this crystal is pretty amazing and dynamic. It’s the perfect healing, teaching, cleansing and protective piece to have in your tool kit. This is the only 1 left! ✨

Himalayan Quartz with Chlorite