Dry Skin Brushing:

Eliminate toxins from the skin with a special natural-bristle skin brush or with our Seleme
Health Coffee Scrub Bar. This increases circulation and lymphatic drainage and it is
wonderful way for ridding the body of toxins and cellulite. Do not use synthetic bristles.

A. Brush the skin before showering or bathing, or use the Coffee Scrub Bar in
the shower following the same instructions/stroke directions.

B. Begin with the sole of one foot and move up to the front and back of the leg and then to the buttocks. Repeat with the other leg.

C. Brush arms and hands and move up each side separately as you did with the legs.

D. Begin with the fingers on each hand and progress up the arm toward the armpits.

E. Brush your shoulders, neck and back and then move to the chest. Brush softly over the breast and avoid the nipple area. As you brush the chest be sure to brush in the direction of the heart.

F. Brush the stomach in a clockwise manner and this helps stimulate digestion.

Dry Skin Brush