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Root: associated with the feeling of safety
and grounding. Lays the foundation for
expansion in your life. Located at base of
spine. Red Jasper - a stone to ground you
to mother earth and balance you.

Sacral: emotions, sensuality & creativity.
Located about 3” below the navel.
Carnelian can be used to open or sooth
this chakra and is associated with
sexuality and vitality.

Solar Plexus: expression of will, personal
power, and mental abilities. Located in
upper part of the stomach. Citrine is used
to cleanse and balance. Increases
personal empowerment and confidence.

Heart: colors our life with compassion,
love, and beauty; bridges earthly &
spiritual. Located in center of chest.
Green Aventurine is used to activate.
Stone of vitality; aventurine increases
focus and soothes emotions.


Throat: Driven by the principle of
expression and communication. Located
at the throat. Lapis Lazuli: Used to open,
stimulate, and balance. This “stone of
truth” restores your ability to
communicate effectively.

Third Eye: Located between the
eyebrows, it is the center of intuition and
foresight. Driven by the principle of
openness and imagination. Amethyst is
used to open, stimulate, and balance.
Offers wisdom, healing, and protection
from harm.

Crown: Located at the top of the head, it
gives us access to higher states of
consciousness as we open to what is
beyond our personal preoccupations and
visions. Selenite opens and activates the
third eye, crown chakra and Soul Star,
cleanses the auric field, clears congested
energies, lifts awareness to higher planes,
compels one to move forward in life,
helps remove stagnation.

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