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This is the perfect stone and crystal kit to attract abundance into your life. 


Abundance Crystal Kit

Citrine - stone of abundance & prosperity.
Give you a zest for life, good spirit and
vitality. (Crystal Cluster & Stone - Orange)

Pyrite - “Fool’s Gold.”

Great for wealth and good luck. Can help
you manifest creativity & motivation,
connecting to the earth and guiding you
to higher wisdom. (Gold)

Red Jasper - Brings good luck. Great for
energy, strength, stamina and spiritual
grounding. (Red)

Zebra Stone - Increases energy in all
aspects. Can help focus your creativity
and manifest all of your desires. Increases
imagination and fulfilling those dreams.

Green Aventurine - Stone of opportunity.
Brings good luck. Allows you to move
forwards with confidence and embrace
change. Increases creativity and


Abundance Crystal Kit

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