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Astrology Series Week 3 Elements & Modes

ONLINE Course with Dr. Venus Seleme

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Dr. Venus Seleme, owner of Ground Gaia, will be conduction an ONLINE Basic Astrology Series starting February 12 - March 12 from 11a - 1p. The series will be a set of 5 classes every week. You can sign up for each class individually for $50/ea or you can sign up for all 5 at once and save 10%! Again, this course is ONLINE & is not in-store. We will send you a zoom link for each class so you can attend online! Week 1- Feb 12- 12 Zodiac Signs: The first week will be all about the zodiac signs. She will be going over what they are, what are their general traits, desires, etc. She will highlight the light and shadow aspects of each sign. This is a great intro to the series to understand the layout of astrology and is a great foundation for the rest of the series. Week 2- Feb 19- 12 Houses in Astrology- Astrology is much more than just our sun sign (zodiac sign). It breaks down into multiple parts like the houses, planets, angles, elements & more. This week will start to dive into one of those aspects, The Houses. She will talk about what part of your life the houses are referring to, how this affects someones chart, and more. Week 3- Feb 26- Planets/Asteroids/Nodes: Learn the importance of all of the planets in astrology and how they can affect your chart. What is the significance of each planet and how does your sign in each of these affect the role they play in your life. Also learn about the Major Asteroids and the Nodes of the Moon. Week 4- March 5- Aspects & Essential Dignities: This week she will dive into another important part of astrology, your aspects and essential dignities. What aspects, angles, and dignities your signs are in can play a role in how it affects your chart. You may have heard of the words ascendant and descendant in regards to astrology as well. She will go over what these mean and their importance. Week 5- March 12- 10 Bringing it all together! This class will wrap up the basics of astrology series and you will be on your way to reading your own chart, others and understanding more & more! By signing up below, you are only signing up for week 3. Click on the other links to sign up for each class or click the booking for the 4 in one, get the 5th free!

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