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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

A crystal grid is a great way to harness the energy of specific crystals to create an energetic frequency geared to a specific intention. For instance, do you want to attract prosperity, love, protection, home clearing, or healing? Often the grids follow a certain pattern of sacred geometry such as the Flower of Life or a Merkaba symbol or another pattern related to universal flow and intelligence. Harnessing the power of the crystals along with the sacred geometry is a powerful way to attract what you intend.

Often you can use a grid template made with an imprint on a piece of cloth or a wooden board. You can purchase a grid template with crystals if you would like but making your own is fun and relatively easy.

Here are the steps to use a crystals grid:

Crystal Grid using Carnelian, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Pyrite & Clear Quartz.

Step 1: First, decide while being very specific what you are intending to put out to the universe and then choose which crystals you want to use. Often there is a large clear quartz crystal stone for the center of the grid to amplify your intention. This center stone is a conductor of all the harmony in the grid. This center stone should be larger and the other stones that go around should be smaller. If you want to attract prosperity choose green aventurine, citrine, green jade, moss agate, tiger's eye, carnelian or pyrite. If you want to attract love choose rose quartz, clear crystal quartz, moonstone, blue lace agate, or malachite. If protection is what you are seeking choose black tourmaline, hematite, jet, red jasper, rutilated quartz or black obsidian.

Step 2: Next be sure to cleanse and charge your stones. There are various ways to cleanse your stones. You can smudge your stones with sage, use a selenite cleansing stick, soak them in a sea salt bath (non-porous stones only) or leave them under a full moon. Then be sure to place your intention into them by holding them in your hands and thinking of what you want to bring about, breathing life into them with intention or even doing a small candle ceremony to put your intention into them works.

Step 3: You will want to cleanse the space you will be leaving your crystal grid in with either palo santo or a sage stick and be sure to decide what the grid will be used for before placing the stones in the alignment. You should write out your intention statement on a piece of paper, read the statement out loud, then fold it up and place it on the spot where your center stone will be.

Step 4: Starting from the exterior begin to place your stones on the grid. While placing the stones on the grid, be sure to hold your intention you are manifesting in your energy field and your thoughts. Lastly, be sure to place the larger center crystal on your intention statement.

Activate your grid with a crystal quartz point.

Step 5: Activate your crystal grid using a quartz crystal point. Using your dominant hand, trace an imaginary line to connect the crystals to each other. Do this connection without breaking the imaginary line and be sure your trace all of them. Starting from the exterior to the interior begin to trace your imaginary lines in the same direction. Your grid is now fully activated. If you would like to add a candle, other any other energetic objects you can do that as well.

Step 6: Leave your crystal grid up for at least 40 days and every 3 days go back and retrace to keep the energy flowing. Remember crystals are sensitive and can easily pick up environmental energies. They can lose there effectiveness if you don't cleanse grid. You should cleanse the grid once per month. You can place a Copper Pyramid over the grid to continuously cleanse it but if not using smudge sticks, Palo Santo, or incense sticks of Sandalwood, Frankincense, or Sage work well too. If you have Tibetan Buddhist Cymbals, Tingshas or a Brass Bell you can ring them 3 times over the crystal grid. You can also use a singing bowl with 3 clockwise rotations around the grid as well.

You can have a crystal grid in every room of your office or home with a different intention. I have to worn you though, they are so beautiful and alluring once you create your first grid, you want to place one every where! Happy Gridding!

Namaste :)

Ground Gaia

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