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Crystals to Help During the Cold & Dark Months!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The time of year has come where the weather's getting colder and it's getting darker earlier, giving us less hours of sun! For many of us, this can be a time where we go into hibernation, and it can be hard to stay motivated and energized. These feelings overwhelm many people, so we wanted to share a few of our favorite crystals for these cold weather months to help keep you motivated and energized!

1) Citrine- Citrine is a stone of the sun, with it's vibrant orange and yellow colors, and is great for bringing uplifting energy. It is a stone of joy and good fortune, encouraging abundance and prosperity. It has a ton of good cleansing energy, which is helpful in winter when we are generally closed inside a lot. It can help with negativity, depression, and fear. This is a great crystal for uplifting your spirits.

2) Orange Calcite- Orange Calcite is another stone of fun, happiness and prosperity. It's great for energizing your body and mind and for sparking some creativity. It's a very playful stone, and almost looks like an orange candy! It can help cleanse out stagnant energy from your body and environment. It helps to restore motivation and growth! It's basically a crystal recycler, because it can take your energy and transmute it back to you amplified!

3)Amber- Amber is actually an organic material made up of fossilized natural botanic resins! Amber not only helps us connect with light, but it helps us connect to the warmth associated with it, which is great during these colder, darker days when we're all craving some more warmth. It helps create a sense of comfort, coziness and wellbeing. It's nurturing qualities help us get in touch with our own inner strength and courage! It's also another good one for prosperity, which can never hurt!

4)Lepidolite- Lepidolite is a great stone for emotional balance and healing, helping with things such as mood swings and constant worrying. It is said to help fight insomnia as well, and sometimes when the seasons are changing, it can really affect our sleep schedules! This is a stone that will definitely help with serenity and stress relief. It also helps us work in harmony with others, which is great for all the chaos and busyness that can occur with family, friends or even strangers during the holiday months!

5)Carnelian- Carnelian has powerful fire energy, being great for vitality, passion and creativity. This stone can help give you an extra boost of energy during these cold months, when it can be hard to stay motivated! Lots of us tend to isolate and stay inside during these times, and the shorter days can make it harder to motivate ourselves to get things done, but Carnelian is here to help! It helps increase the vital energies of the three lower chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus). Carnelian supports bringing back your confidence, passion and power!

6)Red Jasper- Red Jasper, much like Carnelian, is another great one for strength & vitality. It also helps stabilize your energies and grounds you! This is a very down-to-earth stone, helping to calm mood swings or other emotional & spiritual imbalances. We all need a little red jasper to keep our energies regulated and red jasper tends to have long lasting effects rather than fading away quickly.

How can you use the crystals?

•You can wear them as a piece of jewelry!

•You can carry a tumbled stone with you in your pocket!

•You can hone in on your meditation practice.

•You can place the stones on your chakras to help balance or activate them.

•You can add them to your home or work space to fill your environment with positive, warm, light vibrations.

•You can put them under your pillow or on your nightstand to help enhance a peaceful sleep.

We hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to reach out with any questions!


Ground Gaia

*(This is not in anyway a cure for Seasonal Affective Disorder or any other type of Mental Health or Physical Health illness. It is not a guarantee of effect, but simply a form of education for your personal healing, spiritual, or metaphysical practice. If you are dealing with any illness, we recommend consulting your General Practitioner, or for an emergency, call 911.)

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