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10 Ways to Use Your Crystals & Stones

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

One of the most common questions we get here at Ground Gaia is, "I love these stones, this crystal is beautiful, but what do I do with it?" We're so naturally attracted to the beauty of crystals, stones & the good energy they give off, but our practical side come in and says okay, but what now? Can I actually get use out of these? And what are the best ways for me to do it?

The first thing I always say is, don't overthink it! We as humans LOVE to overthink. Maybe not everyone, but most of us do in some form. So it's easy to get stuck in that trap of "ehh, it's pretty but I don't know how to use it" or "maybe I'll buy one" but in reality, it ends up in a corner on a shelf or in your old purse you forgot about and you aren't utilizing it's value!

Crystals come from Mother Earth and are BEAUTIFUL things the universe has given to us, so that alone can explain why we are so attracted to them. Their energy field connects to our energy field, which is why you can get such great healing benefits from them. Picking the right crystal for you is a very intuitive process. I always suggest people go to what they're drawn to and trust their gut because that is what you need in that moment, and only you can know that. You may even see two stones that are very similar looking, but one just feels better. Trust that!

There is no right or wrong way to use crystals, sometimes we just need a few ideas to get started.

So here is 10 Ideas on how to use your crystals:

1) Program your crystal with an intention. Crystals are amazing tools to help you dive deeper into yourself and work on your own journey of healing. But programming your crystal with a specific intention can help it do it's job better. Say you hire an employee. They have great references, seem really smart, but you haven't told them what to do. So they dilly dally around, get some things done they see needs fixed, but they would be way more efficient if they were given some direction. Your crystal is the same way. It needs a little direction to help you the best that it can. This isn't to say you can't use your crystal without programming it. This just helps it narrow down what it needs to do.

One way to do this is by doing a small meditation between yourself and your crystal. Hold your crystal in your hands and take a few deep breaths. Say something similar to "I ask the highest vibration of pure white light and love to connect with my higher consciousness and clear all previous and unwanted energies attached to this crystal. I ask this crystal to hold my intention of (insert intention) and help me heal to the best of it's abilities." End with a sincere thank you. If you are unsure what intention to use, think of what ever reason you were drawn to that crystal, or use something it is known to help with. For example, with Rose Quartz, focus on something about opening your heart chakra.

This isn't to say you can't use your crystal without programming it. This just helps it narrow down what it needs to do.

2)Wear your crystals! This may seem obvious, but it's such an awesome way to get connected with your crystal. Whether in bracelet form, a pendant, or buying a cage to put your stones in and wear around, this is one of my favorite ways to use crystals. Not only is it cute and unique, and you'll surely get a lot of "wear did you get that!?" questions, it gives off great energy all day long. One of the best parts is, you and your crystal are really developing a relationship this way. You are honing in on each others energies the whole time you wear it.

3)Toss it in your bag or pocket. This brings me back to one of the first things I said in this post, DON'T OVERTHINK IT. If you are feeling connected to a stone but don't know what to do with it, just start out by putting it in your pocket or purse and carrying it with you. This can help get you two acquainted and it's a simple way to get good energy. It's also a great stress relief to be able to rub a smooth surfaced stone with you're feeling anxious. Worry stones, tumbled stones and palm stones are especially great for this.

4)Meditate with them. Maybe you are new to meditation, or maybe you are a pro but have never incorporated crystals. Either way, this is really a great practice to develop. You can do tons of research on why meditation is great for you and how it helps us stay mindful. Crystals are a great addition to that practice, and can help you deeper those connections. A simple way to begin this is just by holding crystals in your hands while you meditate. Or go on amazon prime, find a chakra meditation, and put some different stones on your chakras. I find this really helps intensify my meditative state, and creates a strong bond to my crystals. Sometimes meditation can really be difficult for an overthinker like myself. It's hard to shut your brain off, but I find my crystals become awesome assistants during meditation to help center my focus.

5)Put them in your car. This is one I think a lot of people tend to forget about, but SO MANY of us spend large amounts of times in our car. And if you are in a major metropolitan area like us, there is A LOT of crazy traffic and crazy drivers out there that can make the road pretty overwhelming. I talked to someone who always put a piece of black kyanite or black obsidian under their car seat as a form of protection when driving, and I loved that idea so I started doing it myself. A lot of us take stress home with us after work, or think about all the stuff we have to accomplish while we're driving there. Keep a piece of selenite in your console to help cleanse this energy, or a piece of hematite to ground you and help you stay cleansed and protected.

6)Create a crystal grid. This may sound a little more advanced if you are new to crystals, but it doesn't have to be. You don't have to create a room sized crystal grid! You can create a small one that you keep in your room to radiate positive energy, or a prosperity crystal grid to keep in your workspace. All you need to start this is a few small crystal points or tumbled stones to start. Click here to read more about how to make a crystal grid.

7) Use them in your bath! First I want to say, double check if that crystal is okay in water, some aren't. For example, don't put a piece of selenite in water, it can disintegrate, but something like rose quartz is completely fine. Take a Rose Quartz bath for enhancing self love, or Shungite for detoxifying the body, or maybe Amethyst for a little spiritual purification.

8)Decorate your home with crystals. Whether you want to use crystals for energy healing or not, they are gorgeous, and are fantastic additions to any home. Sprinkle them around your home as a way to enhance fresh, cleansed, positive energy. Keep them on your book shelf. Put some in the corners of your house to create a positive energy vortex radiating all the time. Use big chunks of rose quartz as book ends or an amethyst cluster as a center piece. Without much thought or work, this helps cleanse stagnant energy and gives your environment an inviting feeling. If you're really feeling into it, create an altar space for reflection with your crystals, sage, incense & more.

9)Add them to your plants. Put some crystals or stones in your planters enhance the growth and natural energy of your herbs and other plants, whether indoor or outdoor plants. This can help them connect. (Again, make sure to double check what crystal you are using since water will be interacting with it.)

10)Enhance your energy healing, spirituality and divination practice. Lots of times, people will come into Ground Gaia and know they are awakening to something, or want to enhance their spiritual practice, or hone in on things like psychic abilities or empathic abilities. You can use things like a crystal pendulums to connect with yours and others energies to answer yes or no questions. You can use crystal wands to transfer energy between yourself and others. You can use things like clear quartz spheres or seer stones to scry: Scrying basically means to gaze into it the stone, let your eyes relax and allow your third eye to open up to visions and information.

There are SOOO many things you can do with crystals, from super simple to a little more advanced. Sometimes you walk into a crystal store and if you don't know what you are looking for, it can be overwhelming to know what to pick or why you were drawn to it! But again, TRUST YOUR INTUITION. You were drawn to the store for a reason and there's so many ways to explore that. Hopefully this gave you a few new ideas on how to use your crystals and stones!

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